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Rockinghams supply and deliver in South West, South East and South London area.

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Preparation for new turf

Time spent preparing the soil is never wasted. Obviously once this is undertaken it cannot be re-done at a later date.

  1. Loosen, dig over or rotate all soil. If the soil is difficult to level an easier option is to add new soil. Rockinghams are main suppliers of certified screened soil and organic compost. There should be no stones or clods which will make laying and raking much easier.
  2. Undulations which are slight are not usually a problem provided they are gradual and the mower is able to have a smooth passage. Bumps will cause scalping, which is unsightly and causes stress.
  3. Make sure that all weeds, large stones. Clods, etc are removed.

When this is completed you will be ready to receive your turf. These are delivered in metre rolls.

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