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Laying your new lawn

At Rockinghams each load is harvested to order.

  • Try and order turf on the same day you are laying. Ideally the turf should be unrolled and watered.
  • If we have no rain, water turf immediately. Particularly, soak all areas in the summer, twice a day if required.
  • Note the edges of turf which can sometimes easily be missed.
  • Be careful not to flood the lawn when watering. If over-watered the soil base can make it difficult for the young, tender roots to establish. It diminishes the soil air pockets that are essential for good established roots.

You will need the following tools: a shallow fine rake, edging iron or sharp knife and scaffolding planks or boards.

  • Stack the turf in a position which is convenient. With your rake, just break the surface, loosen until a fine tilth Is achieved. Lay the first row, butting up next to each other. Use knife or edging iron to cut.
  • After laying the first row use the plank to obtain a straight line. This also avoids walking on the newly laid turf and helps suppress indentations. It also evenly distributes and compresses the wight for the turf to obtain good soil contact.
  • On the next are to receive turf, the same pressure should be used, plus direction with the rake. Upon starting the next row, stagger the joints to prevent long gaps. After completing the line, move the planks and carry on the same sequence until finished.

It you observe the above recommendations then you will have no problems establishing a healthy lawn even in the hottest weather.

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