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Rockinghams supply and deliver in South West, South East and South London area.

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"Voted best quality & value mixed soil in London"

Spring / Summer Offer

All bulk / ton bags from £55.00 each (inc VAT) for Soil, Compost, Soil Improver and Fertilizer.


Special Offer £3.80 per bag

Turf and Top Soil Specialists

Rockinghams supply Turf & Soil in Croydon, Bromley, Beckenham, South West, South East & South London.

Landscaping in CroydonRockingham's are an established family business who have been supplying & laying turf since the original 3' x 1' flat turfs became available in the 1950s. Nowadays there is a greater choice & size than ever before. We offer a unique professional service, which we believe cannot be matched. All Rockingham's staff are qualified in turf management and have many years experience. All teams average over 100 jobs per year and are very knowledgeable and friendly.

We have fresh turf delivered every day and a comprehensive range of soils of different grades.

Rockinghams have recently started a new company called London Organic Soil. This soil is certificated and approved by the environmental agency

Rockinghams also offer a full landscaping service. For more details please see


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We provide:

  • 3 grades of turf available
  • Topsoil loose or bagged
  • Forest bark
  • Mulch
  • Manure
  • Compost
  • Fast delivery or collection
  • Landscape Services
  • All Garden Work
  • Turf Laying
  • FREE estimates & advice


Why Use Rockinghams?

Rockinghams are an established family firm (1901) with a knowledgeable & friendly approach. They have fully qualified staff and offer expert advice. Rockinghams are also fully insured.

We guarantee that quality, price and service is unbeatable.

We deliver all soil or turf on our own vehicles and can offer crane or fork lift unload. We can provide deliveries at times convenient or in small trucks if required.


  1. Beware - A lot of so called luxury very expensive turf sold has a non degradable plastic mesh throughout. This will eventually come to the surface and hinder mowing and maintenance.Also this turf is often cut wafer thin with hardly any soil and also over fertalized with chemicals. Rockinghams turf rolls have an inch or more soil and organically grown.Hence the grass will take and grow without problems.
  2. Beware - When ordering online of lot of turf companies do not deliver on days customers request. There is often then many month's to wait for a refund.
  3. Beware - ordering turf online from companies that deliver from areas that are many 100's of miles away - sometimes the other side of the country. Not only is this turf over-priced but it won't usually be delivered fresh.
  4. Beware - ordering turf or soil from companies that have named turf/soil. Usually this is inferior to ours and they are normally overpriced.
  5. Beware - ordering turf from companies that do not have local premises where turf is delivered fresh every day and available for inspection or collection.
  6. Beware - do not buy from phone companies who work from home or a mobile phone only - you will usually pay far too much for inferior turf.
  7. Beware - buying from builders merchants or D.I.Y chains usually costs more for inferior products as they do not have deliveries every day.
  8. Beware - many companies use an outside party (courier) to deliver turf to the retail market. They deliver on pallets via a tail lift which cannot get up raised kerbs, cannot move on gravel, soil or grass and cannot be lifted over obstacles. Mostly the operators will only leave turf or soil in the road.
  9. Beware - most online turf companies will quote and advertise very low initial prices. When you are at the check out to pay you will find VAT is then added and also a high delivery charge. PHONE US, speak to a human being, we will give you an instant quote fixed price, time and date..... 0208 665 6789
  10. Beware - some turf companies use call centres to answer phones. They do not have detailed knowledge of products sold, or are able to offer detailed advice or information
  11. Beware - you will find a lot of turf & soil sold is a much higher price than we offer. They will try to justify this by stating they are better quality. This is not true. They are simply greedy and overpriced